What is the Liberia Environmental Watch


Liberia Environmental Watch (LEW) is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization serving as an advocate for Liberia's environmental management towards national sustainability. LEW is devoted to achieving maximum environmental soundness through educational awareness, ensuring the protection of the environment [water, air, forest, land, and wildlife] and preserving as well as conserving natural resources now on the brink of extinction. LEW provides educational and public awareness for the benefit of Liberian residents and will collaborate with the nation's higher institutions of learning and community-based organizations, the business community, local and national governmental, including International Agencies and other NGOs for such national endeavors.

Mission and Vision

LEW believes that the most precious resources of any nation are its citizens. They should and must be protected at all times for their health and social well being through guaranteed protection against ALL environmental risk factors, equal reciprocity and environmental justice. Hence it is an obligation and responsibility to protect the natural resources through an acceptable preservation, conservation mechanism, and environmentally sound regulations that are enforceable for the proper exploration and utilization of these natural resources. The dividends to the residents or citizens will cultivate healthy bodies and productive minds meaningful to the total growth and nurturing of the nation.

LEW further believes that when natural resources are wisely explored and fairly distributed the nation will be able to and capable of sustaining social and economic development and political freedom to the benefit of its citizens and residents. LEW, through its capable staff of volunteers will mobilize and galvanize the appropriate financial, material and human resources necessary to accomplish its stated mission, goals and objectives.

Together, we can change things around for the better and give hope to others to live in environmentally conducive locales in their fulfillment of life. life. This is why LEW has chosen to champion the cause for Liberia's environmental sanity. Please join us in this undertaking. Be a supporting member of this effort. May God richly bless you for considering to act to save lives.

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